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We’re Moving to Colorado!

Chad and I have decided to move to Colorado! We are planning to really immerse ourselves in the promises we made on our wedding day – To live a healthy, adventureful life. As we discussed the idea of buying a different home we thought, no time but the present to make a big bold move. After two blissful weeks in Europe, we came home and put our house on the market. We accepted an offer and now we’re working hard to find our next place which will be in the Denver area. We hope to move around Thanksgiving and have plans to return around Christmas… as well as throughout 2023.

What does that mean for my photography company?

I am rebranding as a Colorado wedding photographer. I hope to primarily serve couples seeking a mountain elopement, similar to ours. I will be coming back to St. Louis for weddings I have booked for the 2023 seasons. I am increasing my future session rates just a tad to help with future travel costs. I do plan to continue booking in St. Louis though because our family and friends we consider family still live here so I love an excuse to come home. If you booked a 2023 wedding with me, I will be there, no extra costs, and plan to fly in a few days early! When I do have trips planned I will reach out to past clients to offer sessions. I will also offer special rates for St. Louis families and couples who would like a session in the mountains!

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We’re Moving to Colorado!


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