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3 Tips for Parents Photographing Their Kids

3 Tips for Parents Photographing Kids

I get a lot of questions from parents revolving around taking photos of their kids.  I put together 3 easy tips that can be done without a super expensive camera or knowledge of settings.  These tips are for on the fly shots of those special moments you want to freeze frame so years down the road you have great memory inspiration and so do they 🙂

Tip #1:  Get down on their level.

Try to take a knee, get on the ground, or bend a little so that horizon line is at the level of the child’s face.  This will bring the viewer into the moment with the subject and not make it seem as if you are viewing from an ariel perspective.  Don’t get me wrong there is great opportunity to take those wide over-head shots to take in the complete picture of a birthday party or opening Christmas presents but also try to get close-ups on the same level of the children.

Tip #2:  When shooting indoors, have the kids sit/stand across from the window, not in front of it.

This tip will bring even light and better skin tones to the photo.  When you place the subject in front of the photo you need to use a flash or select your focal point because most cameras first read the bright light in the room and can leave your subject’s faces dark and the window super bright.  If you do not have a better place to put your people, try turning on your flash.

Tip #3:  Take Two!

Make sure you are capturing the real feelings, not just the posed ones.  Set your kids up, maybe all standing in a line – tallest in the middle then the heights taper on the edges – and have them looking at the camera ready to cheese.  After you get your picture perfect image encourage the kids to laugh towards each other or make a funny face!  This technique will give you great results of the fun their having plus gives incentives for the kids to be good for one then get to goof up the second!

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3 Tips for Parents Photographing Their Kids




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