Jackelynn Noel

Kenna and Corey Fall Engagement

Kenna and Corey Engagement Session at SIUE Gardens by Jackelynn Noel Photography

The Gardens at SIUE | St. Louis City Garden | Malcolm Martin Memorial Park

When I met Kenna to discuss the photography for her upcoming wedding I was taken by her sweet and sincere demeanor.  When I met Corey at their fall engagement session I saw the connection.  We started the session at the Gardens at SIUE.  The sun sat low and cast a golden rod colored glow across the grounds.  Corey and Kenna fell together perfectly making my job easy and fun.  We laughed and got to know each other while I showed them my favorite path through the Garden.

My favorite thing about my couples is their since of adventure, easy going attitudes, and trust in my vision.  On our way out from the Garden to head to St. Louis I stopped on the side of the road to catch the sun as it lowered over a field.  Kenna and Corey were great sports and trekked through the tall grasses and plants to get these great moments in time.

Next stop was the St. Louis City Garden, one of my favorite spots downtown.  We embraced the setting sun and took advantage of the spots City Gardens offers with water features, uplighting, rock walls, and a sidewalk that seems to lead straight to the arch.  Kenna and Corey danced, laughed, and held each other tight.

After the City Garden I lead the couple to the Malcolm Martin Memorial park just across the river to get a view of the setting sun on our St. Louis skyline.  With the seasonal change the sun sank faster than I anticipated but Kenna and Corey were great sports as I popped up a light to get the shot… and man, was it worth it.  With the city lights twinkling and reflecting on the river behind us evening took over and we ended our session on a beautiful note.

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Kenna and Corey Fall Engagement




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