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Favorites in CloudSpot

How to pick your favorite photos for you complimentary website or albums!

Sharing your favorite images with me takes a few simple steps in your online gallery.

The first step once you are in your gallery is to get your favorites started! Click on the heart icon on a photo you love.

If you don’t see the heart right away you may need to click on the image and it’ll appear in the top left corner. If you are on your phone or tablet, select the photo and you’ll see the heart in the bottom left corner.

After you select 1 favorite you will see a heart icon with a 1 in the top right of your gallery.

Click on that icon to see your favorites and start a specific list.

When you are in your favorites section of the gallery you will see buttons at the top. Click “Create New List.” A dialog box will appear for you to put a list name in.

After you click “Create” you will be taken to a page that says “no favorites in your list yet.” The image you originally hearted is still in the parent list of “Favorites.” You can switch to that view using the drop-down menu at the top.

Click on the “My Favorites.” You will see your hearted photo. You can choose to move it to whatever list you’d like from there by clicking the “Add to” icon in the corner of your image.

Back to the Gallery –

You will now see “Add” next to the heart. When you favorite images now you can choose to add them to the correct list.

After you have selected all your favorites send me a message so I know. You will send the message by clicking “Alert Photographer.”

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Favorites in CloudSpot




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